Wednesday, December 31, 2008

If that ain't love then I don't know what love is...

I was scanning the radio last night while driving home and I came across Gym Class Hereos song Cupids Chokehold. There is a verse that goes

I mean she even cooks me pancakes
And Alka Seltzer when my tummy aches
If that ain't love then I don't know what love is

Has our culture really reduced love to that? Pancakes and Alka Seltzer = love?

This song just made me think. The love I know is deep and strong and outgoing and never failing....

Why do we not share the kind of love we know with our watered down culture?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tumbling After Him

My hope for this blog is not merely a post for stories, music lyrics and quotes. My hope is that through dreams, confusion, struggles, laughter and life experience God will be glorified. I've been meaning to start a blog for some time now. I was able to put that off...until tonight that is.

I was at the Christmas Eve service tonight watching the worship on stage. I was craving something. I knew to extent what I wanted. I just wasn't sure how to get it. The worship team played Glorious One. I get frustrated sometimes when people are in the presences of a magnificent God and hear beautiful songs and sit mildly in their seats as if they are experiencing nothing....the band continued worshiping.

"He became sin who knew no sin so He might become our righteousness"(Jesus Messiah, Chris Tomlin)...these words grabbed me. He, that baby that this season is based around became sin, took on troubles and came to save the world. I have known this in my head for so long. There is something so special, so captivating, so magical when the knowledge in your head is felt by your heart.

I broke down. I was humbled. I can't explain how God was touching my heart in that song. I felt so small, so weak, even worthless compared to His beauty and Majesty. My heart was in that position where I wonder the way i've been living my life. How centered is God in my life? Do I live every day with this same idea of my weakness for His glory? His plan is so great and I want so desperately to be apart of it...but sometimes life gets in the way...and I lose sight of my Saviors love and plan for redemption.

This is all on my heart and floating around my head tonight. I know this is a bad opening blog..."for greater things are yet to come...."

All this to say, I know God is truly blessing you this holiday season. Just be sure to look for Him and center your every moment around Him. Merry Christmas to all...and to all a Good night!!

God is Awesome!

"The other day while I was driving home my world was shaken
It occurred to me that I had left too many risks untaken
I'm always sitting here just waiting for a revelation
Is it ever gonna come?

All this searching yet my destiny is still unfound
Makes me realize this world will always let me down
So it seems that the only hope I ever had
Was everything that You are

I'm falling down
Tumbling after You
I'm overwhelmed
Tripping over simple truth
In all I've found
There's nothing that's more beautiful
Than what I've found in You

You could always see right through the front I'd offer You
Not believing my excuses, waiting for the truth
When You could have turned Your back
And walked away from me
You, You picked me up instead

So we'll turn another page and change the way I look at You
And maybe I'll begin to understand what You went through
Not content to leave me wandering and unaware
You took my hand instead
Yeah, You lead me to the edge

You're everything that I ever needed
Now I wanna believe this time
That You would love me
That You would say I'm Yours, I'm Yours, I'm Yours"

~Starfield, Tumbling After


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