Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in the States!!!

Hey Guys! I am back!!!! Our flight got into RDU at 11:30am today. Travel back home went really smooth. I am still in a daze. I feel like I'm sleep walking...give me a few hours of sleep and I'll be back on top of it! Pictures and stories to come!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Last Days Over Seas....

Hey Guys.....=)
We are flying out tomorrow morning to start our long journey home. There will be more than 20 hours of flying time put together. There are so many stories and thoughts that I will blog as soon as I get home. Right now I am just praising God for such an amazing CHURCH BODY that I have back in the states! Thank you guys for everything! I promise so many stories will be on the blog by this next week!
Love Always!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hello From India!!

Hey Guys!! Sorry....I'm failing at keeping you updated so far...
Everything is going so amazing here!! This past week we were able to hold a 4 day sports camp at 3 different village schools. All the brothers and sisters here are SO on fire for the cause! Its so encouraging....I feel like this is what the BODY is supposed to look like. During the camp we worked with 200ish kids ranging in age from 6ish-17ish. Grades here are NOT the same. You might have a 3rd grade class of a couple 8 year olds, 12 year olds and 16 year just depends. Our team was partnered with 3 amazing translators!! Everyone of them has been so awesome. I made friends fast with a girl that translated for us...I have learned in the last few days that her family (that is completely Hindu) is so against the work she is doing with us that they have beat her this week......after she told me that she said praise Him! .....I was taken back. Could I have faith that strong if I was in the same position...? He is at work here!! My team toured around downtown today....there is so much darkness here...and yet He is at work. The lights that are shining are so bright. I can't explain it. (ok, more stories later when I don't have to watch what I type....=)
Love you all!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello all,

This is Angie. I got an email from Chelsea this morning. It didn't sound like she had much time to email or blog, so I thought I'd pass it on! Praise God for safe travel!

Chelsea said:

"hey guys!! We just flew into kolkatta...=) we are here safe and sound. last night sleeping was a lil rough with jet lag but the hotel was really nice! ok, so much to tell but we are at an internet cafe before we leave the airport and go to the hotel. barry said just a heads up that you might not hear from us for 3 or 4 days...=( but keep the emails coming! i love the picture! ok, love you guys so much! miss you already! always yours!chelsea"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ready or I come!!!

Ok, I leave in 24 hours!

We had a team meeting yesterday...I can already tell that this group is going to bond really quickly! There is one guy on the trip that has never been overseas....we are going to be really good friends..just because everyone else knows what to expect..and yea- we have NO clue!!

Currently I have TWO carry on suitcases full of clothes and I have to swish that down to fit into only ONE suitcase. So, I have a little bit of work to do before tomorrow morning. =)

There is nothing to really report as of now. Thank you guys to much! Your emotional, spiritual and financial support has encouraged me and made this possible!

I will write as soon as possible!

In His Love,

ooohhhh....and I love the rainy nights

So, over the past couple rainy days that song has been glued to the back of my head.

I was at a meeting for a mission trip to Ngaamba, Kenya this past weekend. One of the girls that had been before was talking about how Ngaamba has not had rain in over 3 years.

Now think about how much you love the rain!!

Sometimes I get so caught up in my world...when I finally think outside of myself I see my blessings for so much more....

I can't really describe it...other than...I love the rainy nights!

Monday, January 5, 2009

2 more days....!!

Hey Friends!

I can't believe I will be leaving on THURSDAY!! I will be leaving on Thursday and will continue to areas in South Asia! I will be serving on a small team with a few other amazing people. I have to be vague about some details right now due to safety reasons.

God has already brought me on an amazing journey....I am amazed how quickly and flawlessly God has brought this trip together. August of 08 I went on a medical missions trip to El Salvador with Andy Lamb and his team. I can honestly say that that trip was life changing. I came back to the US with even more of a passion for missions and the people of other cultures. I had lunch with Cathy Lamb (Andy's wife) in early October. This lunch was just to talk about the August mission and future plans in my life. I don't even know how it happened...but....somewhere in the conversation I mentioned that I would love to serve for a season in South Asia . ...that started it all.

Next thing I know Cathy contacted one of her close family friends and gave me His contact information. God is truly amazing and mysterious in how He works! I raised all my support money by the end of November and am getting on a plane in less than 72 hours!!

God has been preparing me for this trip...I am not exactly sure what to expect, But I know that something big is in store. I cannot wait to see what all the Lord has been doing over there...=)

My hope is to be able to blog on a regular basis while over seas. (I'm not exactly sure what to expect as far as down time at night and internet service)

Please be praying for my team. There is so much that we hope to accomplish while over there!! Please pray that God would be able to work through us in amazing ways. ....=)

I am so blessed to have all of you as friends and family!! I love you guys and am so encouraged by y'all!

In His Amazing Grace,


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